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My To-Do List 1.4.1

Windows Sidebar Gadget

"My To-Do List" is a Windows Sidebar Gadget that helps you keep track of your everyday tasks.

It features a very simple interface that doesn't get in your way. Double-click to edit an item, drag to change order. To create a new to-do list just open a new instance from the Desktop Gadget Gallery. Use the toolbar icons to save and open your lists. To change the size of the gadget use the dock/undock button.


How to use

Creating one or more todo lists

Right click on an empty space on your destop. Choose "Gadgets". Double click on My To-Do List in the gadget list to create as many lists as you need.

Adding tasks

Click in the "Add Task" field and write your new tasks. To add it to the list press ENTER or click the [+] button

Deleting tasks

Click on the X sign next to the task you want to delete

Editing tasks and the list title

Double click on a task to edit it. To edit the list title just double click on it.

Rearanging tasks

Drag a task to its new position

Erasing all tasks

Click on the "New" icon and then on the "Ok" button in the confirmation dialog box. (Caution: this operation is not undoable)

Saving and loading

You can save your todo lists in text format. Just click the "Save" icon and then choose a location to save your list. To load it back into your gadget use the "Load" icon


Click the "Print" button. Your todo list will be sent to your default printer.

What's new

1.4.1 (may 17, 2010)

1.4.0 (apr 19, 2010)

1.3.0 (jan 08, 2010)






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